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Meaning unclear. There are numerous places of the same name across the country (anglicized as Limnagh, Luimnagh, Lumnagh and Limerick). According to P.W. Joyce “Luimneach ... signifies a bare or barren spot of land” (The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places II), a suggestion followed by some later writers, but see A Dictionary of the Irish Language (www.dil.ie) s.n. luimnech: ‘cloaked, mantled’, ‘shielded’ (lumman). The dinnseanchas (The Metrical Dindsenchas III 274), attempted to explain the name in a number of ways, connecting it particularly with luimnigthe (’cloaked’) and luimnechda (’shielded’). It is said (m.sh. Onomasticon Goedelicum 508 agus Mac Spealáin, Aos Trí Muighe 20) that the name originally referred to the mouth of the Shannon