Ráth Tó
genitive: Ráth Tó


ráth, ráith
English ring-fort





53.4936, -6.44527latitude, longitude
Irish Grid (with letter)
Irish Grid (without letter)
Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM)

Historical references

the parish of Ratowthe
Lease … to Edmund Fitz Alexander, gent … the tithe corn and bay of Ballyhack, in the parish of Ratowthe, county Meath, of the possessions of Thomascourt, leased by the said abbot to Richard Burford and Barnaby Kinge, 4 May, 1531, for forty one years; the rectory of Martrie, county Meath F 1438
(2268). Lease, under queen's letter, 16 Ap., 1574, to Jasper English. Horsey, esq. ; of the tithes of corn, hay, and turf, of the long tithe of the parish of Rathtowth, extending to Fidorghkerde, Henoteston, Cabbagh, Fidorgh, Richforde, the Graunge with 30 acres in Balmalaghlen, Begeston, Mollenan, Burfordes lands, Pecobeston, both the Glascanes, Raieston, Golding's land, and Rathecoules land, our Ladie land by Rywen crosse, land in Much Ballibyn in the holding of Ann Begge, co. Meath (leased by Henry, abbot of S. Thomas the martyr, xx. Hen. VIII.,… F 2579
the rectory of Rathouthe
1577 Lease to John Bathe, of Dromconragh ; of the land, of Graungend, co. Meath, with an acre of moor in the red moor of Donshaghlen, and common of pasture in the [commons] of Graungend, lands of the Grange of Tryvet, Halton, Shanraghe, co. Meath…the tithes of Harloteston and Baltrastin, parcel of the rectory of Ratouthe, co. Meath, possessions of the lata monastery of S. Thomas the martyr, Dublin…the tithes of Roweston and Lyshianston co. Meath, parcel of the rectory of Donshaughlin, of the possessions of same…the lands of Thomaston and Galeston, co. Meath, possessions of Thomascourte. F 3126

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