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Teampall an tSléibhe Thoir
genitive: Theampall an tSléibhe Thoir
validated name
Templeathea East
sliabh mountain, moor
teampall church
Explanatory note
  • Gaeilge

    the church of the mountain
    Féach po, bbf Áth an tSléibhe, -Íochtarach, -Uachtarach [par. Ráth Rónáin]

  • English

    the church of the mountain
    See the townland, post office name Áth an tSléibhe, -Íochtarach, -Uachtarach / Athea, -Lower, -Upper [par. Ráth Rónáin / Rathronan]

Irish Grid

R 16207 36888

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