How to search

The search page can be accessed from any page on the site by clicking on the SEARCH tab at the top under the logo. Write a placename in that box, in English or in Irish, and click the button next to the search box.

A list of clickable results with thumbnail maps will appear, exact matches (i.e. placenames matching what you typed) first followed by related matches (i.e. placenames containing what you typed as well as other elements). Places that are clustered in the database (e.g. Oulart town and Oulart townland in Wexford) will be grouped together visually. Long lists of search results will be broken into pages with 20 places per page. Results can be sorted and filtered.

You can also perform a geographic search by clicking on 'Locate on map' above the search box.

Similar names

After searching for something, you will often see a list titled 'Similar placenames' under the search box on the search results page. This is where the search engine gives you a list of names all over the country which are similar (in terms of spelling) to the one you typed in. For example, if you have typed Ballybunion, Ballybunnion will be suggested. This feature is useful if you are not sure how to spell a placename.