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The Placenames Database of Ireland was created by Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge in collaboration with The Placenames Branch (Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht). This is a comprehensive management system for data, archival records and placenames research conducted by the State. It is a public resource for Irish people at home and abroad, and for all those who appreciate the rich heritage of Irish placenames.

Work commenced on Phase I of the project in April 2007 and the Placenames Database of Ireland was launched at the beginning of October 2008. During Phase II (2009-2010), the following resources were added to the site: sound files of placenames; mapping tools; educational resources for primary and third level students; a system to enable simultaneous Irish-English and English-Irish translation of lists of placenames; supplementary aids for the public including explanatory notes on certain features of the placenames; and scanned images of some historical source material (under ‘Archival records’).

During Phase III (2011-2012), an international workshop took place and the proceedings were published. The following resources were also added to the site: sound files for 8 additional counties; educational resources for second level students; educational games for primary and second level pupils; the Sound Archive of the Placenames Branch; and a tool to explain common Irish-language elements in placenames.

During Phase IV (2013-2014), major improvements were made to the user experience and to the database structure, and improved mapping features were added. The database of sources was developed, as were new educational and information resources. The sound recordings were finished for the 26 counties. The Linked Logainm project was also completed.

During Phase V (2015-2016), a community placename collection project was developed at Meitheal; links were developed with the National Folklore Collection of Ireland, dú; and the technical and editorial development continued.

During Phase VI (2017-2019), a Minor Placenames Workshop was organised; 8 new collections and audio recording facilities were added to Meitheal; the set of streets on was enhanced through collaboration with Ordnance Survey Ireland and geographical boundaries as well as an API were added to

Phase VII (2020-2022) is currently in progress and the following outputs are planned:

  • Redevelopment of and Meitheal
  • Common Irish elements in placenames: Refining the mapping between elements and placenames, assigning new elements and development of high resolution maps.
  • Placenames Workshop in 2021.
  • Irish streetnames: Research in order to establish the correct Irish language forms for c.2,000 streets.

There is ongoing cooperation between and the Northern Ireland Place-Name Project to create links between the two databases for shared placenames. won the European Language Label in 2010 and was category winner at the Irish eGovernment Awards 2011 & 2016.

This project is supported by the National Lottery.
The National Lottery

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