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Sound recordings

The sound recordings contain placenames which were recorded between 2008 and 2014 by Fiontar DCU, in collaboration with the Placenames Branch of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Aim of the sound recordings

The aim of the sound recordings is to provide a guide to the local pronunciation of placenames for the public. The sound recordings do not, however, illustrate minor variations in pronunciation of placenames from area to area within any one county. There may be differences both between these recorded forms and local pronunciation and between the recorded forms and the pronunciation of the same placenames in other regions of the country.

Placename categories

Sound recordings of Irish and English forms are given for the following placename categories:

  • Baronies
  • Civil parishes
  • Electoral divisions
  • Centres of population
  • Major natural features

In addition sound recordings have been added to the following placename categories:

  • Townlands in Gaeltacht areas (just the Irish-language form)
  • The main streets of Dublin


For each county a single speaker was chosen, one who was raised in the county and who was familiar with its placenames. Native Irish speakers were chosen in counties containing a Gaeltacht region. English speakers with fluent Irish and knowledge of the pronunciation of the English forms of the placenames were chosen in the other counties.

The following are the speakers: