hill or hills, monument
Sliabh na Caillí
genitive: Shliabh na Caillí
non-validated name
Slieve na Calliagh


English mountain, moor

Explanatory note

  • English

    Loughcrew Passage-tomb Cemetery: This is a cemetery or collection of Passage-tombs situated on two neighbouring peaks, called Cairnbane East adn Cairnbane West. The whole cemetery is sometimes known as Slieve na Calliagh ...' P. Harbison , Guide to the National and Historic Monuments of Ireland


53.7401, -7.11045latitude, longitude
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Archival records

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Historical references

Larkin (Mí)
Slieve Nacally
There is an eminence in the townland of Knocklough called Slieve Guillion, and a rude stone chair on the summit of Slieve Nacally called Cathaoir na Caillighe Béurtha It is a large stone about 2 tons weight, ornamented with a cross sunk (cut) into the seat of the chair, in which three might sit together. This hollow seems to have been made in the stone with a hammer; the cross is probably the work of a modern stone-cutter. The back of this chair was broken by some human enemy to old Evlin. LSO (Mí) 96

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