hill or hills
Cnoc Alúine
genitive: Chnoc Alúine
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Hill of Allen

Other names

Almha, Almhain
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English hill

Archival records

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Historical references

géag fhionn Almhan
Aith.D Leathanach: 57, Véarsa: 17
a Albha Laighean
Aith.D Leathanach: 96, Véarsa: 27
a nAlmhain
Ir. Bard. Poet Leathanach: 163, Véarsa: 12, Líne: 1
Cnoc Almaine
ARÉ Imleabhar: 11, Leathanach: 572
ó iath Almhan
Ir. Bard. Poet Leathanach: 154, Nóta eolais: 1, Líne: 4
go hAlm[uin] Laighean
"& as sin [.i. Baile an Pholardaigh] go hAlm[uin] Laighean. d'ionnsuighi Gearoid mhic Philib mhic Muiris do shliocht in Ridire Chiarraidhe ... A bhean .i. Mabel inghen tSeoirsi mhic Gearailt."
RIA Uimhir: 3 C 19, Leathanach: 116v
"... in Leinster ... the hill of Allen, or rather, as the natives of that country pronounce it, Allowin..."
Trans. RIA 1787 Leathanach: 76, Nóta: b
The Hill of Allen
Stat. Surv. (CD) Leathanach: 206

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