Snámh Dá Éan
genitive: Shnámh Dá Éan
historical name (What is this?)


, dhá
English two

Explanatory note

  • Gaeilge

    the swimmable ford of the two birds

    Áth trasna na Sionainne idir Contaetha Ros Comáin agus Uíbh Fhailí an lae inniu a bhí faoi thagairt sa logainm stairiúil seo (cf. ‘Vadum Duorum Avium’ (*c.*700AD)). Níl sa leagan Béarla Swim Two Birds ag Brian Ó Nualláin/Flann O’Brien ach tiontú grinn, agus an logainm Gaeilge aistrithe eilimint ar eilimint aige.

  • English

    the swimmable ford of the two birds

    This historical placename referred to a ford across the River Shannon between what are now Counties Roscommon and Offaly (cf. ‘Vadum Duorum Avium’ (*c.*700AD)). Brian Ó Nualláin/Flann O’Brien’s English version Swim Two Birds is only a comical translation.


53.3101, -8.04572latitude, longitude
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Archival records

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Historical references

per Vadum Duorum Auium
"Venit ergo Patricius sanctus per alueum fluminis Sinnae per Vadum Duorum Auium in campum Ai."
Pat. Texts Leathanach: 19,1
Snám Da Én
LL Leathanach: 202b, id. 203a
Snámh dhá Én
"Táinic Suibhne roimhe iarumh co riacht an chill ag Snámh dhá Én for Sionainn, dían comainm Cluain Boirenn an tan sa…"
Buile Shuibhne Leathanach: 17§22
Snamhe da en
"William Burk and the sons of Connor tooke a great prey from the clergie and monkes of St. Brandon … till they came to the place called <i>Snamhe da en</i>, which is as much to say in English as the Swimming of the two birds." [an logainm seo sa chló gaelach]
AClon. Leathanach: 220
co Snámh dá én
TCD Uimhir: 1337 (H 3. 18), 412
ó Snamh dá én
"Críochairecht O Maine ... ó Ath Luain co Snámh dá én; ó Snamh dá én co Ath Crocha; ó Ath Crocha co Lusmhagh; ..."
TCD Uimhir: 1337 (H 3. 18), 412

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