locality, mountain or mountain range

locality, mountain or mountain range
Sliabh Luachra
genitive: Shliabh Luachra


English mountain, moor
English rushes, rushy place

Historical references

tar seanLuachair
Dioghl. D Leathanach: 233, Véarsa: 50
A Shléibh Luachra
Dioghl. D Leathanach: 195, Véarsa: 36
the mountey[n?] of
Cal. Carew Imleabhar: I, Leathanach: 415
Clancarthy Surv. Leathanach: Lsc. barúntachtaí
Clancarthy Surv. Leathanach: Lsc. barúntachtaí
Sleughlogher, the mountayne of
Clancarthy Surv. Leathanach: §2
Clancarthy Surv. Leathanach: §153
Sleiue Lougher
tak’n prisoner about the black water in the middle of the mountaine called Sleiue Lougher
Dep. 1641 Leathanach: 284v
luachar .i. sliabh idir luimneach & Cíarraidh
Foclóir Uí Neachtain
The mountainous district of Sliabh Luachra on which Teamhair Luachra was situated is well known and forms a Roman Catholic parish comprising the Parish of Kilcummin and a considerable portion of that of Killaha. But Slieve Luachra was originally a far more extensive district than it is considered at present. Dr Smith shews it as East of the Blackwater River in Cork. And the engraved map from the Down Survey places a part of the Mountain of Sliabh-Luach (sic) in the Parish of Ballincaslane, in the Barony of Trughanacmy. OD
LSO (Ci) Imleabhar: 95/194

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