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Cúil Bheannchair
genitive: Chúil Bheannchair
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English corner, nook

Explanatory note

  • Gaeilge

    corner, nook of (the) place of peaks, row of points?

    Ní cinnte brí beannchar i logainmneacha. Meastar go bhfuil gaol aige le beann “point, peak” (féach s.v. benn). Níl ach aon chnoc beag amháin sa bhaile fearainn a thug ainm don pharóiste, áfach.

    Féach an aiste ‘Why Bangor ?’ le Bedwyr Lewis Jones in Ainm V ar bhrí Bangor i logainmneacha na Breataine Bige (“an upper plaited rod to strengthen a fence”, comhfhocal ina bhfuil ban- gaolmhar le beann na Gaeilge); tuairimíonn sé go mb’fhéidir gurb éard atá sa logainm Beannchar in Éirinn agus in Albain ná ‘a compound of cor ‘a setting’, and meaning in the first place some kind of plaited fence and subsequently in place-names a place defended by such a structure’ (ibid. 64). Féach freisin faoi Beannchar mór Chontae an Dúin in Dictionary of Ulster Place-names 19–20: ‘The name could refer to pointed rocks on the shore or to a pointed wattled enclosure around the monastic settlement.’

    Ainmneacha stairiúla:
    Cuid de ghabháltas mhuintir Harpoole i gCúil Bheannchair ab ea an chéad trí logainm seo a leanas, maraon le 1564 ‘Ballemolrone’ atá pléite faoi bf An Cheapach Chaol (#28457) soir:

    1. 1549 ‘Sianbeg’ CarrMS, 1564 ‘Sheanbege’ F, 1576 ‘Shanebeg’ F, 1632 ‘Shanbegge al’ Shyanbegge’ Inq. < An Sián Beag “the small Sián [fairy mound, hillock]”.
    2. 1518 ‘In Ballyneeghan 30 acres’ Kildare Rental , ‘1540 ‘in dimidia villata de Balyrecan sunt 30 acre … in parco ibidem vocato Balene sunt 60 acre’ Crown Survey, 1564 ‘Ballarighan’ F = 1576 ‘Ballarighan’ F = 1632 ‘Ballyrighan’ Inq. < Baile Riacháin (?) “the town of Riachán (ainm pearsanta)”.
    3. 1540 ‘in dimidia villata de Balyrecan sunt 30 acre … in parco ibidem vocato Balene sunt 60 acre’ Crown Survey , 1549 ‘Balleninabege’ CarrMS, 1564 ‘Ballenebeg’ F = 1576 ‘Ballenebeg’ F = 1632 ‘Ballynabegg’ Inq. < Baile an Fheá Beag (??) “the town of the wood”.
    4. Ní léir suíomh do 1549 ‘Ballenesra’ CarrMS, 1564 ‘Ballenestraghe’ F , 1576 ‘Ballenestraghe’ F, 1632 ‘Ballynasragh’ Inq., 1632 ‘Ballynasraghe’ Inq. < Baile na Srath “the town of the swaths, river-meadows”.


53.0963, -7.19799latitude, longitude
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Archival records

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Historical references

Cuilbeancair alias Ardia
O'Doyne Ms., 138
CPL Imleabhar: VIII, Leathanach: 202
Cubenger in Aryst
Ir. Mon. Poss. Leathanach: 70
F Leathanach: 192
F Leathanach: 2208
Coolebanchor Parish
BSD (La) Leathanach: 113
Coolebanchor Parish
BSD (La) Leathanach: 114
Coolebane (parish)
Hib. Del. Leathanach: 199

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