An Déis Bheag
genitive: na Déise Bige
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beag, big
English small



Explanatory note

  • Gaeilge

    An Déis Bheag -- ainm treabhchais. Is ar an ainm seo a bunaíodh an fhoirm Bhéarla, de réir dealraimh. Féach Mac Spealáin, Uí Chairbre Aobhdha 31: "An Déis Bheag ... atá mar ainm Ghaeilge inniu ar an mbarúntacht is goire do Bharúntacht Chois Máighe ar an dtaobh thoir. Fuair Iarlaí Deasmhumhan greim ar an ndúthaigh sin fadó agus rinneadar 'contae' bheag neamhspleách, nach mór, di. Uime sin is ea tharla gur tugadh Smallcounty mar ainm Bhéarla uirthi ... Ní mór cuimhneach nárbh ionann críocha go baileach don tuaith dá ngairthí An Déis Bheag fadó agus don bharúntacht ar a bhfuil an ainm chéanna innu (.i. Smallcounty)." Féach freisin F.J. Byrne, Irish Kings and High-Kings (1973) 180-1

  • English

    An Déis Bheag -- the name of a tribe. The English form appears to have been based on this name. See Mac Spealáin, Uí Chairbre Aobhdha 31: "An Déis Bheag ... is to-day the Irish name of the barony on the eastern side of the Barony of Coshma. The Earls of Desmond took control of this territory long ago and established what was essentially a small independent 'county'. This is how it obtained the English name Smallcounty ... It must be remembered that the area called An Déis Bheag long ago was not precisely coterminous with the modern-day barony of the same name (i.e. Smallcounty)." [translation from the original Irish] See also F.J. Byrne, Irish Kings and High-Kings (1973) 180-1


52.4984, -8.53064latitude, longitude
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