Déise Íochtarach
genitive: Dhéise Íochtarach
Deece Lower



Explanatory note

  • Gaeilge

    vassals, rent-paying tribes
    Ón ainmfhocal déis ‘a vassal’ a shíolraigh Déise (uimhir iolra). Is é an bhrí atá le Déise de réir (Contributions to a) Dictionary of the Irish Language ná ‘vassal or rent-paying tribes’. De réir an scéil Toirche (.i. imirce) na nDéise, ar scríobhadh an leagan is ársa de i lár an 8ú haois, ruaigeadh na Déise as a bhfearann sinseartha i nDéise Breá (ónar eascair ainm an dá bharúntacht seo sa Mhí), sa tslí gur chuireadar fúthu i nDéise Mumhan. B’fhéidir nach bhfuil aon bhunús stairiúil leis an nasc seo idir an dá chine Dhéiseach, áfach


53.5322, -6.67089latitude, longitude
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Archival records

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Historical references

Commission to the baron of Galtram and Richard Barnewall, esq., with the addition of the sheriff of Meath ; to execute martial law in the barony of Dise…. F 6208
Barrony of Deise
fol. 139r <br> John Sterlinge Minister of Gallowe in the Barrony of Deise… Edward Hussey of Mullhussey … in Gallow … Edward Hussie of Mulhussie Esquire … Patrick Barnewall of Killbrue Esquire … James Mooney of Garradice … fol. 139v <br> James Cusacke of <B> Clounmeaghan in Barrony of Deise Deposed before vs Jan. 4. 1641 Depositions MS 816, fols 139r-139v
Dep. 1641

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