Machaire Gaileang
genitive: Mhachaire Gaileang


English plain



Explanatory note

  • Gaeilge

    the plain of the Gaileanga
    Seo cuid den chur síos a rinne Gearóid Mac Niocaill in Ireland before the Vikings ar roinnt de na treabhchais a bhí i gcríocha Uí Néill an deiscirt chomh fada siar le deireadh an 6ú haois: ‘Scattered among the Uí Néill kingdoms were various subordinate peoples: on the coast, straddling the Boyne, lay the Ciannachta, and between these and the Airgialla to the north-east were the Gailenga and Luigne, peoples of which other branches were to be found in Connachta …’.
    Tá ainmneacha an dá phobal Luigne agus Gailenga caomhnaithe in ainmneacha na mbarúntachtaí Luíne agus Machaire Gaileang i gCo. na Mí (cé nach ionann réimse na seanchríoch agus réimse na mbarúntachtaí a chuir na Normannaigh ar bun); ‘Makerigalin’ a thugtar ar an logainm deireanach sin sa dán Fraincise faoi ghabháltais na nAngla-Normannach, Song of Dermot and the Earl, a cumadh i dtosach an 13ú haois. Caomhnaíodh iarsma den ainm Ciannachta in ainm na barúntachta Ferrard / Fir Arda i ndeisceart Co. Lú ar a dtugtaí Fir Ardda Ciannachta tráth. Bhí fearann ag an treabhchas sin laisteas den Bhóinn chomh maith. ‘The Uí Néill kings of Knowth were also styled kings of Ciannachta from the eighth century, as they had conquered the lands of that tribe south of the lower Boyne’, a scríobh Byrne in Irish Kings and High Kings


53.802, -6.72865latitude, longitude
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Archival records

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Historical references

Patent Roll 5 Richard II <br> Similar APPOINTMENT [as in §233] of the followings persons as keepers of the peace in the following baronies in co. Meath, viz.: Nicholas Bernevall and John Meones of Grenok in [the barony of] Ratoath; Christopher and John Petit in [the barony of] Dunboyne; Edmund Hussey, baron of Galtrim, and Walter Nugent in [the barony of] Dees: Peter Heyns [or Lyons] and Nicholas Bernemyth in [the barony of] Moyfynrath; Thomas Vernaill kt and William Lynham in [the barony of] Lune … Henry Betagh and Richard Randolf in [the barony of] Kells; John Bardcor [or Darditz] of Crilly and William Morton in [the barony of] Burry; George Telyng and John Bocom in [the barony of] Slane; Richard Drake and John Rodipak in [the barony of] Margalyn; John Naungle and John Golding in [the barony of] Navan [del Novan] (Cal. ICR (
Cal. ICR
Patent Roll 5 Richard II <br> APPOINTMENT of Thomas Chambre to inquire concerning all seditions [etc.] within the baronies of … Fouyr … Kells, Margalleyn and Slane … (Cal. ICR (
Cal. ICR
Rectory of Kylshynne (-y) in (Nich. Wafre)...Lastartan
Ir. Mon. Poss.
fol. 143r <br> William Williams of Tankerdrath in the barony of Mary-gallon … Edw: Tallon of Wilkinstowne gent neare Tankerdrath … Mr Oliver Lutterell of Tankerdstowne … Newtowne by Clongells, as John Darcy, and by all the people some of Ballsan as George John Teeling gent, his sonne Bartholomew … of Moretowne near TankerdRath … John Erward of Kilb Er war of Randlestowne … Gilstowne, and by the servants of Alexander Plunkett of the same, and by the tennants of Clongell … jurat 15. Jan: 1641. Depositions MS 816, fols 143r-143v
Dep. 1641
. bar. Moghergallen, co. East Meath.— ASE 53
5. JOSEPH, JOHN, and GABRIEL BARBOUR,esqrs. Meath. —in Clongell, 360 a…—in Fletcherstowne, 337 a… bar. Murgallen, co. Meath. ASE 55
ELIAH PALMER gent…Wilkinstowne (part), 272 a…bar. Moghergallan. ASE 85

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