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Na Déise laistigh den Drom Loading...
genitive: na nDéise laistigh den Drom
validated name
Decies-within-Drum Loading...
(also: drom)
Explanatory note
  • Gaeilge

    Na Déise
    the vassals
    Ainm treibhe. Tá na hidirdhealaitheoirí laistigh den Drom agus lasmuigh den Drom bunaithe ar an leagan Béarla. Is é an Drom seo Drom Fhinín a dhéanann dhá chuid de na Déise.

  • English

    Na Déise
    the vassals
    Tribal name. The qualifiers laistigh den Drom and lasmuigh den Drom are based on the English name. Drom/Drum refers to Drom Fhinín, the range known in English as the Drum Hills, which divides the Decies in two.

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