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An Dromainn Theas
genitive: na Dromann Theas
validated name
Dromin South
Other names
Dromainn Ó gCléirchín
genitive: Dhromainn Ó gCléirchín
historical name
Dromainn Uí Chléirchín
genitive: Dhromainn Uí Chléirchín
historical name
dromainn ridge
dromainn ridge
dromainn ridge
Explanatory note
  • Gaeilge

    the ridge
    Dromainn Uí Chléirchín [a bhfuil an sloinne Ó Cléirchín ann], nó Dromainn Ó gCléirchín [a bhfuil an t-ainm treabhchais Uí Chléirchín ann], an seanainm (atá lé fáil anuas go dtí 1484)

  • English

    the ridge
    Dromainn Uí Chléirchín, 'the ridge of Ó Cléirchín [surname]', or Dromainn Ó gCléirchín, 'the ridge of Uí Cléirchín [sept-name]', is the former name (not attested after 1484)

Irish Grid

R 60245 31765

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