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Baile Hoibín
genitive: Bhaile Hoibín
baile townland, town, homestead
Explanatory note
  • English

    The evidence for this English place-name points to derivation from a compound containing the name Hobbin + generic -town.

    The relatively common English surname Hobbin(s) is a diminutive of Hobb, itself a pet form of Robert (see Reaney, 1970 p.166). There are no unambiguous attestations of the surname among the Anglo-Normans in Ireland; one possible instance occurs in the place-name ‘Villa Obyn’ recorded in 1307 (apparently in Limerick; see CJR Edw.I p.517). Trisyllabic ‘Hobbeneistowne’ (1) shows the genitive marker -əs which was characteristic of the English dialect formerly spoken in South Wexford and elsewhere in the Pale (see CODDSTOWN, par. Ballymore). The first element could also represent the associated personal name Hobbin.

    The Irish form of the name proposed here is Baile Hoibín, which contains a gaelicised form of Hobbin. (Cf. BALLYHUBBOCK (#53270), par. Kilmuckridge; cf. also BPP p.60.)

    [Excerpt from Logainmneacha na hÉireann IV: Townland Names of County Wexford, 2016]

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