How to browse

In addition to search, you can explore Ireland’s placenames by browsing in a certain area on the interactive map. The map can be accessed from any page on the site by clicking on the BROWSE tab at the top under the logo.

Lists of placenames

In addition to the map, you can use this website to browse lists of placenames. There are number of places to access these lists:

Ireland’s system of geographical administration is organised hierarchically. The county is the highest unit. A county is subdivided into several baronies, a barony into several civil parishes and a parish into several townlands. Electoral divisions are also sometimes used for certain administrative purposes. In addition to these, the database has information about many non-administrative geographical units such as rivers, mountains and islands. All these units are connected to one another in a vast hierarchical network that spans the whole country.

You can navigate through this network by using the links that appear with each place. You will see the links as you look at the textual data of a place: