Droim Dhá Thiar
genitive: Dhroim Dhá Thiar
validated name (What is this?)


droim, drom
English ridge
, dhá
English two

Explanatory note

  • Gaeilge

    ridge of (the) two demons
    Thiar < Eithiar. Féach A Dictionary of the Irish Language,, s.v. ethiar

  • English

    ridge of (the) two demons
    Thiar < Eithiar. See A Dictionary of the Irish Language,, s.v. ethiar


54.2309, -8.2985latitude, longitude
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Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM)


POThere is or was once a post office here

Historical references

Pinkman: "Druim-dhá-ethiar (nó eithiar). Ridge of the two demons. O’Donovan states that some local people would explain the name as Druin-átha-shíar, ridge of the western ford. There were a great number of fords on the River Bonet, and this one at Drumahaire was the most western of the lot. But the cold fact is that the Four Masters, on more than one occasion, write the name Druim-dhá-ethiar, which O’Donovan glosses with dorsum duorum daemonum. “The son of O’Rourke…heir to the Lordship of Breifney was treacherously slain by the son of Dermot-na-ngamhnach at Druim-dhá-ethiar.” Four Masters, AD 1440. “A hosting was made by O’Donnell and O’Neill. They burned O’Rourke’s town, Druim-dhá-ethiar.” Four Masters, AD 1458 “Thomas Mac Brady, Bishop ane Erenagh of the two Breifneys during a period of 30 years, the only dignitary whom the English and Irish obeyed – a paragon of wisdom an piety, a luminous lamp, a faithful shepherd of the church, gave up his spirit at Druim-dhá-ethiar.” Four Masters

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