mountain or mountain range
Sléibhte Chill Mhantáin
genitive: Shléibhte Chill Mhantáin
Wicklow Mountains

Other names

Sléibhte Bhaile Átha Cliath
genitive: Shléibhte Bhaile Átha Cliath
local name
An Sliabh Rua
genitive: an tSléibhe Rua
historical name
Dublin Mountains
local name


English ford
English townland, town, homestead
English church
English mountain, moor

Historical references

ó Shliabh ruadh
"ro láinmhilleadh fine ghall ó Shliabh ruadh go droicheat atha"
ARÉ Imleabhar: v, Leathanach: 1420
go sliabh ruadh
ARÉ Imleabhar: v, Leathanach: 1548
the Red Mountains
"the Red Mountains in the co. Dublin ... from Boilenescorne to Omaile"
F Alt: 1415
the Red Mountains
"from Bollynescorny, in the county Dublin, along by the Red Mountains unto Omaile, in the said county"
F Alt: 1416
an tslebhe ruaidh [g.]
"Do rónadh foslongphort ... in iomfhochraibh an tslebhe ruaidh & glinne maoilughra"
ARÉ Imleabhar: v, Leathanach: 1736
an sliabh Ruaidh
"Rangattar for réidh an tslébhe baoí reampa .i. an sliabh Ruaidh"
ARÉ Imleabhar: vi, Leathanach: 1900
tar an sliabh ruadh
"Tiaghaid ass amhlaidh sin go rangattar tar an sliabh ruadh."
ARÉ Imleabhar: vi, Leathanach: 1916
Sliabh rúadh—sleibhte chontæ chille mantáin
"Sliabh rúadh—sleibhte chontæ chille mantáin a laighnibh, ionna bhfhuil Sliabh an ime, sliabh samh, leithbhearn, ceidín ibh máil, gleann Mallughradh sliabh na lathrách duibhe, gleann dá loch, bealach dhuin buaic .&c."
KIL 20 Leathanach: 147
chum an tSlíabh Ruadh
LN G135 Leathanach: 91
Sliabhroe Bh'leath' Cliath
"Sliabhroe Bh'leath' Cliath is very well remembered as to name in this country [.i. par. Láithreach Briúin, CD] and pointed out as located among the Dublin Mountains, but where among them it lies is not shewn."—TÓC
LSO Imleabhar: Cill Dara, Leathanach: i, 47
Sliabh Ruadh
"Sliabh Ruadh mentioned in the same Annals at the years 1590 and 1592 and in the life of Red Hugh O'Donnell [refers to] the Dublin mountains, the principal range of which are still called Sliabh Ruadh by the inhabitants of the County of Roscommon and other Irish people who are in the habit of going to Dublin."—ÓD
LSO Imleabhar: Cill Mhantáin, Leathanach: 151
Sliabh ruadh, i.e., the reddish mountain
"The name is still applied to the Three-rock mountain, near Dublin, by those who speak Irish in Meath, and the Connaughtmen, though the name is forgotten in the county of Dublin."—nóta ÓD; "the whole range of hills to the south of Dublin, were anciently called Sliabh-ruadh"—nóta ÓD ib., v, 1548
ARÉ Imleabhar: v, Leathanach: 1420

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