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genitive: Mhainistir Shruthla
validated name
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mainistir monastery
Explanatory note
  • Gaeilge

    monastery of (the) river
    sruthla — gin. < sruthail, foirm dhíshamhlaithe den ainmfhocal sruthair, 'river' (féach s.v.). Sa bhliain 1567 atá réadú den fhoirm dhíshamhlaithe seo le fáil den chéad uair, mar atá 'Shrowill'. Tá an mhainistir seo suite in aice na hEithne.
    Tá idir sruthail agus sruthair comónta i logainmneacha ar fud na tíre.

  • English

    monastery of (the) river
    sruthla — gen. < sruthail, a dissimilated form of sruthair, 'river' (see s.v.). Reflex of the dissimilated form is first found in 1567, 'Shrowill'. The monastery is situated beside the Inny River.
    Both sruthail and sruthair occur frequently in placenames throughout the country.

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There is or was once a post office here.

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