An Fraoch Mór
genitive: an Fhraoigh Mhóir
non-validated name (What is this?)


English great, big

Explanatory note

  • Gaeilge

    the big heath

    Cf. an nóta faoi bf Lóiste an Fhraoigh (#28300) i bPort Laoise Thoir laisteas.

    Mionainmneacha ar an léarscáil:

    1. Ní léir an loch i ndáiríre a bhí in 1549 ‘Laaghdowe’ CarrMS, 1841 Black Lough SO < An Loch Dubh (?) ó cheart; d’fhéadfadh lathach “mire” a chur san áireamh má tá an litriú ón 16ú haois cruinn (cf. bf An Lathach (#28291)).
    2. 1838 ‘Rath Sheághain i.e. Shane’s Rath … it is the opinion of some people that it was formed in modern times when horse races were first established on that Common’ LSO II 238, 1841 Rathshane SO < Ráth Siáin (?) “ring-fort of (the) fairy mound, hillock” i lár an Fhraoigh Mhóir, suite ar theorainn Chlann Mhaoilíora agus Laoise. Féach an Fardal Seandálaíochta: ‘Situated on the highest point of the Heath, the surrounding land slopes dramatically to NE and SW.’
      Is é seo a leanas an pátrún béarlaithe ginearálta a d’imir ar sián sa chontae seo de ghnáth: -ya- /-ia- sa 16ú haois agus isteach sa 17ú haois, -a- /aː/ ón 17ú haois go dtí lár an 19ú haois, agus /eː/ i bhfuaimniú an lae inniu (#27773, #28661, #27773, #1419166).


53.0616, -7.2182latitude, longitude
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Archival records

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Historical references

Cotton Map
the great heath
"ffree common and grazing on the great heath"—Gníomhas 20294
the Great Heath, or Ratheen Common
Anth. Hib. Imleabhar: III, Leathanach: 3
The Great Heath (racecourse)
Cahill (La)
The Heath
Kemmis, T.:AL Leathanach: La038,25
Freugh More
"Old Map of Leix and Ophaley in British Museum."
Old Map:AL Leathanach: La038,25
An Fraoch mor, 'the great heath'
OD:AL Leathanach: La038,25
Great Heath
dúch dearg:AL Leathanach: La038,25
Great Heath of Maryborough
Seward Top. Hib.:AL Leathanach: La038,25
The Great Heath of Maryborough
BS:AL Leathanach: La038,25
The Heath
CM:AL Leathanach: La038,25
'It was never called the Great Height, but always Great Heath, which is a translation of its Irish name Fraoch Mór. There is a field adjoining it in the Heath House Demesne called at this day Fraoch Beag' OD
LSO (La) Leathanach: 76/226

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